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R.I.P. Steve Jobs -
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Fri, 7 Oct 11
R.I.P. Steve Jobs
As you all probably know, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. These are sad news, and everyone is talking about him and his life as he has achieved so many fantastic things. Social Networks are flooded with quotes from Steve, and all of us have only good words to talk about him. But as you can [...]

Wed, 5 Oct 11
Greetings from Barcelona
This week I am in Barcelona, where the Virus Bulletin conference is taking place. I will be attending some preVB meetings, such as the AVPD (AntiVirus Product Developers) hosted by ICSA Labs and the WildList meeting, where we’ll talk about some future plans. All the meetings and the conference itself will take place at the [...]

Tue, 27 Sep 11
Xandora presented in the next Hack In The Box conference
In a couple of weeks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it will take place this year edition of the security conference Hack in the Box. This is a great conference I had the pleasure to talk in last year. This year Panda Security will be also participating, this time it will be KaiJern Lau, our Technical [...]

Wed, 21 Sep 11
The good all scams: new countries, same tricks
This blog post could have been titled also as “A trip from Nigeria to Libya”. Perhaps one of the best-known email scams is the Nigerian letter scam and its many variants. The email tries to convince recipients that there are several million dollars which cannot legally leave Nigeria unless transferred to a foreign account. [...]

Wed, 7 Sep 11
Ransomware posing as Microsoft
We’ve found yet another malware piece, this time it is a ransomware to take some of your money. Once you get infected (you can receive it in a number of different ways, most likely via spam messages and P2P), your computer is restarted. What for? Well, the malware installs itself to run every time your [...]

Thu, 1 Sep 11
Open Cloud Antivirus
Right after we started Panda’s CI (collective intelligence) project few years back. We decided to provide a community based antivirus program called Panda CloudAntivirus. When all the good guys trying to improve and to keep the community safe. We notice the bad guys are trying to take the opportunity to “sell” their fake antivirus. Earlier [...]

Wed, 27 Jul 11
Anonymous meets real activism? #OpPayPal
All of you know that my main concern regarding Anonymous is the kind of protests they carry on. While they consider a DDoS attack a ‘peaceful protest’ the real thing is that it is a crime. However, it seems we can have some hope: Anonymous has started #OpPayPal and is asking users to close their [...]

Wed, 27 Jul 11
Trojan uses Amy Winehouse death
Last week I was talking about how certain cybercriminals used social engineering techniques in order to spread their creations, and today I can show you yet another good example of this, showing how fast these guys react on any news to take advantage of the buzz.  In this case they are using the recent death [...]

Fri, 22 Jul 11
Brazilians, banking Trojans and social engineering
Maybe you don’t know this, but many guys here in the lab can tell you where a banking Trojan is from just taking a look at it for a few seconds. There are a number of different banking Trojan families, but it’s really easy -once you have analyzed thousands of them- to group them by [...]

Wed, 6 Jul 11
PandaLabs Report – Q2 2011
We are releasing it right now. Do you want to know what has happened in the computer security field during the last 3 months? Just click on the picture!: All Rights Reserved.