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Fri, 30 Nov 07
Crypto AG
Crypto AG specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Information Security technologies for army deployment. Products include the HC-6830 Secure Field Communication Terminal, the HC-7910 ATM Encryption Unit, the HC-265 HF Voice Encryption Unit and the HC-7550 Multi-Link Bulk Encryption Device.

For more than 45 years Crypto, a financially and legally independent Swiss company, have supplied their security systems and mathematical- cryptological know-how to land forces in over 130 countries and every day, harsh, real-world conditions in defence applications confirm the integrity, reliability and ruggedness of Crypto's systems and equipment.

Their continuous availability is the result of a professional support philosophy and customers can rely on the installation services, maintenance skills, customer-specific training programmes and long-term warranty. Crypto can provide customised solutions:

Familiarity with operational scenarios and the requirements of individual troop formations Leading-edge technology through in-house development and manufacture of all security-relevant components Total Information Security (authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, access control) as the philosophy behind families of products as well as for large systems Security modules for all transmission technologies with military application (high-frequency links, voice, microwave and data transmission) Highest cryptological competence through their own scientifically based developments in cryptographic algorithms By design, the user controls the vital parts of their modern algorithms User-autonomy - guaranteed by the Crypto system philosophy, by training and access to the development of proprietary cryptographic algorithms Reliable support, from the evaluation through system planning and implementation to the provision of training and service Rigorously tested products which satisfy all international military quality standards and which can be integrated into every type of weapons system - from ships to tanks to warplanes


It is designed to provide local security and secure communication via telephone or HF/VHF/UHF radio at tactical and strategic level. The unit offers secure message handling and gives full protection against all kinds of electronic attacks, including hackers, viruses etc.


The maximum protection for your cells during transmission of ATM Cells over unprotected ATM networks, without loss of data throughput. Each of the over 1000 possible virtual channels is ciphered with an individual Communication Key. Planning, organisation, and control of the whole ATM network are achieved through the built-in SNMP agent.


This device is a sophisticated voice encryption unit specially designed to work over HF channels. An extremely robust synchronisation system has been developed resulting in high immunity against channel interference and allowing true late entry in point-to-point and multi-point communications. The result is a high-security unit with excellent voice quality and true speaker recognition. Various accessories open up a wide range of applications from tactical man-pack to fixed installation in intercoms, such as C3I systems. Key management can be done manually at the keyboard or using the KED-265 Key Entry Device.


A high security bulk encryption device designed to protect multi-channel trunks in tactical EUROCOM networks. With the HC-7550, up to 5 transmission links may be encrypted simultaneously. The management options integrated into the system allow the use of smart cards for off-line key distribution. There is also a highly sophisticated SNMC-7000 package offering full on-line overview and control over the entire network.

Newest generation of bulk encryption Up to 5 EUROCOM D/1 full duplex ports Transmission rates between 256 and 2048 kbps Cost-effective, modular and space saving system Fully ruggedized and EMC-proof

See Also: Crypto AG - Ruggedized Information Security Systems for Airforce Applications Crypto AG - Ruggedized Information Security Systems for Naval Applications

Fri, 30 Nov 07
Will-Burt Company
The Will-Burt Company designs and manufactures telescoping masts and accessories for many military applications worldwide. Our telescoping masts have been used for mobile military applications including elevated testing, communications, floodlights, reconnaissance, target acquisition and surveillance.

Will-Burt masts are perfect for vehicle, trailer or field installations. Will-Burt offers complete mast system packages by supplying a full line of accessories such as air compressors, electric positioners, D-TEC™ mast safety systems, mast rotators and floodlights. Custom masts can be designed to meet specific requirements regarding mounting, extended height, retracted height and payload.


The mainstay of the Will-Burt line, the pneumatic mast models, are constructed of rugged, high strength heat treated aluminum tubes and collars with matching machined keyways to maintain directional azimuth. Masts with locking collars for indefinite extension without air pressure are available. Masts with extended height to 165ft. (50m) or with payloads to 1,200lbs. (545kg) can be specified.


Will-Burt Saber masts have a compact mechanical drive that takes up only one cubic foot. Thin foil technology provides exceptional strength and the mast can be raised and locked at precisely the desired height up to 49ft (15m). The result is a lightweight telescoping mast with a large payload capacity and positive extension and retraction. Saber masts are available in freestanding heights from 7ft to 33ft (2m to 10m) with top load capacities of up to 450lb (200kg).


The QEAM series masts are lightweight, crank up models designed for one or two person portability and fast set up of tactical communications. Heights range from 20ft to 50ft (6m to 15m) with payload capacities from 15lb to 75lb (7kg to 34kg) on the Heavy Duty models. Guylines, guystakes, drive handles and all other accessories are stored in separate weatherproof transport bags. The 10m QEAM (AB-1386/U) is the standard tactical communications antenna mast for the United States Army.


The Stiletto series masts are motorized screw drive models with heights from 14ft to 50ft (4m to 15m) with payloads from 125lb to 250lb (57kg to 114kg). Stiletto masts have mechanical locks on each section allowing limited on the move mobility with partial mast extension. They are constructed with state-of-the-art carbon fiber composite tube sections and corrosion resistant hardware and designed to meet the most demanding requirements of mobile communications and surveillance systems.


Will-Burt has a history of successfully supply masts to many international militaries and governments.

1980s - Will-Burt designed and manufactured pneumatic telescoping masts for the following mobile, ground military programs:

TRAILBLAZER - GTE Government Systems PATRIOT - GTE Government Systems TACJAM - GTE Government Systems TACJAM - GTE Government Systems TRQ-32 - Magnavox

1990s to 2000s - Will-Burt designed and manufactured the Saber electromechanical mast with carbon fiber composite sections for payloads up to 200kg and high antenna pointing accuracy:

IEWCS - Electrospace Systems, 10m Saber IEWCS - Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, 10m Saber LAV Recce - Diesel Division General Motors, 9m Saber ASLAV-S - British Aerospace Engineering, 9m Saber ASLAV-S - Tenix Defense, 9m Saber MEWSS PIP - Lockheed, 9m Saber STALKER - Rafael Systems, 8m Saber SILVER ARROW - Elbit Systems, 10.75m Saber

2000s - In 2000, Will-Burt acquired Tri-Ex Tower Corporation and the screw drive technology developed for the US Army 10m QEAM program and Motorola's J-STARS program. Utilizing this technology, the Stiletto mast was developed, combining the reliable screw drive system with the highly engineered carbon fiber tube sections of the Saber mast series.

US Naval Research Lab - 5.5m Stiletto BAE Systems - 10m Stiletto Heart Industries - 4m Stiletto Lockheed Martin - 6m Stiletto (WIN-T Program) Harris GCDS - 10m Stiletto (WIN-T Program) Aerospace Corp - 15m Stiletto Naval Surface Warfare Center - 6m Stiletto

Fri, 30 Nov 07
Demanding military and security wireless applications require secure, high-speed connectivity for data, video and voice. MeshDynamics's MD4000 family of wireless mesh nodes deliver superior performance over multiple hops in fixed and mobile applications. The products have been extensively tested, and deployed in combat environments, along security perimeters and national borders, and in video surveillance environments.

Patented and patent-pending technology utilizes multiple backhaul radios to provide near-instantaneous network set-up, node mobility at speeds up to 250mph, high bandwidth, and minimal delay and jitter..


Each MeshDynamics wireless mesh node incorporates a sophisticated RF 'robot' which monitors the radio environment to locate adjacent nodes and avoid interfering and jamming sources. Each node operates in an independent yet coordinated manner to build the network topology. In mobile environments, high performance is maintained as the node automatically and transparently connects to other stationary or mobile nodes.

In a deployed combat environment, vehicle-mounted MeshDynamics MD4000 wireless mesh nodes demonstrated reliable connectivity between multiple convoy vehicles in simultaneous motion. The threat sensor application supported by the MeshDynamics network operated flawlessly as the vehicles moved through a rugged outdoor environment.


Border and perimeter security environments demand high performance over extended distances for date, voice and surveillance and tactical video. In most cases, wired or fiber connectivity is unavailable, so the network must be delivered wireless over many hops (node to node connections). MeshDynamics' patented and patent pending third-generation wireless mesh architecture delivers bandwidth with minimal delay and jitter over many hops. In addition, the MeshDynamics network functions as a Layer 2 switch infrastructure, transparent to a wide variety of sensor and video streams.

In a successful long-term pilot network across a national border, MeshDynamics nodes are providing connectivity for a variety of security applications to mobile border security forces. Node-to-node distances reach up to 14 miles.


MeshDynamics products are currently utilized in a variety of hastily formed military and civilian networks. Threat sensors, data, video and even sports-scoring applications are supported over MeshDynamics networks that deploy over broad geographical areas in a few minutes. Network start-up is automatic and immediate when power is applied to the nodes.

No site survey or channel pre-configuration is necessary: the distributed dynamic radio intelligence in each node manages the complete network set-up process. MeshDynamics units are extremely compact and rugged, making for limited transport cost and weight.


MeshDynamics' powerful networking algorithms have been designed to work over a variety of civilian and military radio bands. Current products serve WiFi 802.11 a/b/g at 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz and public safety nets at 4.9GHz. Support for 900MHz, 700MHz and WiMAX bands is in development. Custom development capabilities are also available for military radios operating in a broad range of bands.

MeshDynamics products support a variety of wireless command, control, communications and computing networks in military and homeland security applications worldwide. MeshDynamics has the capacity to customize solutions to ensure that they meet specific requirements with its innovative technology.

DATA SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE FEATURES Extensive data security capabilities are provided, including WEP, WPA, WPA2, 128 bit AES encryption, 802.11i, and FIPS 140-2. Extensive VLAN and performance-tuning features are also standard, including support for 802.11e, protocol-based forwarding, and hidden SSIDs.

Fri, 30 Nov 07
Harrington Generators
Harrington Generators is part of the Energy Technology division of FKI. A major international engineering group, Energy Technology is the world's leading independent supplier of turbo generators and other power infrastructure equipment. The company provides reliable solutions for the power generation, oil and gas, and rail industries.


Designed to meet the requirements of the MoD, the advanced, lightweight 2kW generator has been selected by the Ministry as its standard generator for the next 15 years. Constructed to extremely demanding specifications, the Lightweight Field Generator (LFG) has many advantages over conventional machines.

The LFG has endured exhaustive testing, to ensure that the set would excel in any conceivable environment. Tests include severe vibration and bump programmes, extreme temperature tests, exhaustive reliability qualification testing over 48 battlefield mission cycles, EMC testing to 59-41 Class C and electrical performance to Defstan 61-5.


The Hatz 1B20 engine offers vari-speed and acoustic enclosure. This single cylinder air-cooled engine allows for hand or 24V electric start from power through the intervehicle connector.

Features of the Hatz 1B20 include:

2,650rpm for outputs up to 2kW in normal conditions

3,200rpm for operating at 10% overload, high temperature or altitude

Running at lower rpm when full output isn't required, for increased efficiency and noise reduction


To ensure sustainability of an operation, the timely replacement of armoured fighting vehicle power packs at the place in which they fail on the battlefield is now commonplace. These failed power packs must be repaired in the field, and this is the role of PPRF, a mobile, deployable repair facility.

HGI provide the generators that supply the power for the repair facility. In service with the British MoD since 1988, this HGI-designed and built set provides crucial power support for Challenger Mk2 battle tank mobile repair. Five sets work together to power inflatable workshops where the tank engine can be stripped down and repaired, even in the middle of a battle zone.

This set is perfectly featured to operate in even the most arduous conditions for any length of time. The sets are mounted in a rugged, acoustic canopy finished in an infrared reflective powder coat.


The Cormorant power solution consists of either a pair of 20kVA generators or three 4kVA generators designed to provide power for the army's new digital communication system. The Cormorant generator utilises Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology adapted for the military to deliver a high-tech solution to their equipment requirements.

Due in service with the field army imminently, this product will provide power for two primary pieces of equipment:

A local access component, based on an ATM switch, which will provide digital voice subscriber facilities and a high-speed data LAN for over 20 headquarters

A wide area component, which will allow the interconnection of these headquarters, on a backbone communications network, as well as the means to interconnect with single service and multinational systems

Cormorant will also provide a limited mobile secure voice capability and a comprehensive communications network management system.


The ASTOR is a ground surveillance system designed to provide information about the deployment and movement of enemy forces. This system uses state-of-the-art radar technology to obtain high-resolution imagery of static features, and has the capability to identify and track moving vehicles.

Imagery gathered is transmitted in near real-time to a network of distributed ground stations deployed with the front-line forces. Facilities within the ground stations will permit the display and analysis of imagery, ensuring that the tactical commanders are aware of all developments on the ground.

Tue, 27 Nov 07
Peli's 2008 Watertight Cases and Professional Torches Calendar
Peli™ Products, the leading manufacturer of high-impact watertight Protector™ Cases and professional torches, wants to be part of your daily life by inviting you to travel the world with its new Peli 2008 calendar.

Living the adventures of the Lisbon-Dakar race across the arid desert; flying from the sky or submerged in deep waters, the Peli 2008 calendar will take you to the most exotic places. You can now decorate your wall with stunning photographs and become inspired. Beautiful full-colour pictures of Peli products are combined with memorable phrases and concepts that reflect the company's values.

Since Peli Products deals with customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the company took the decision to produce the calendar in 25 different languages ‐ English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Slovakian, Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Romanian ‐ so all its customers can understand it. Apart from the practical side, the calendar features pictures of participants in the 2006 Peli photo contest. Have a good look and inspire yourself for the 2008 Peli photo contest.

"We're very proud to present the Peli 2008 calendar to our customers and Associates. It was conceived while thinking about our users from different countries and professional sectors. Passion, dynamism and commitment are much more than three words in the pages of the new calendar; these concepts underpin our communication campaign for the New Year," stated Estefania Fenoy, marketing manager of Peli Products.

With the new calendar, the company shows once again that investment in its corporate image has become a fundamental part of a strategy to set the company apart. The concept of the Peli image is based on high-quality and professional design, a reason why the company was recognised in September at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam. Peli's booth was awarded the 'Best Small Stand Free Design Stand Award', while organisations like Sony, Qualcomm and the BBC were among other IBC award winners."

If you're interested in receiving your own Peli 2008 calendar, please visit our website and live your 'Year of Adventures with Peli'. It is also available in a desktop version.

Thu, 22 Nov 07
US Customs and Border Protection Chooses the FN303 Less Lethal System to Maintain Border Security
FN Herstal's subsidiary in Washington, United States, FNH USA, won a major contract from the US Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol for purchase of the FN303 Less Lethal System.

"The Border Patrol testing of the FN303 was comprehensive and exhaustive; it is gratifying to have won this contract," said Rick DeMilt, senior vice president of sales and marketing for FNH USA. This was a single source contract awarded to FNH USA, because the FN303 is the only less lethal system with the range requirements specified by US Customs and Border Protection. The Border Patrol has now over 1,000 FN303s for use in training and potential deployment.

It found the advantages of the FN303 to be:

Use of the FN303 is less likely to cause serious bodily harm or permanent injury The FN303 offers the operator three use-of-force options: visual deterrence, area saturation and kinetic impact The FN303 has an effective range of 0 to 50m - more than triple the range of the pepper ball launching system currently in use The FN303 can also be used for area saturation with PAVA (pelargonic acid vanillylamid) powder from a distance of up to 100m. Because of the range of the FN303, operators can increase their personal safety by aiming an accurate projectile at a target from a much greater distance.

Five projectiles are available for the FN303 - clear impact (liquid or powder), indelible paint, washable paint and PAVA. FNH USA has provided detailed instructor training on the FN303 to US Customs Border Patrol personnel.

The FN303 will first be deployed in the San Diego, Yuma and Tucson sectors because operators in this area have experienced the greatest increase in assaults. A nationwide deployment will follow.

Mon, 19 Nov 07
KrAZ Trucks are Employed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations
KrAZ trademark model range was enriched by the whole family of trucks designed for fire extinguishing and relief actions in emergency situations.

Naturally, trucks have attained a success being estimated at their true worth. During the tender there were namely KrAZ trucks being given the preference of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Consequently, 'AvtoKrAZ' Holding Company will deliver to the Ukrainian MES a batch of special-purpose trucks KrAZ-5233BE-019 (4×4) intended for prompt arrival to the place of explosive substances detection and special equipment transportation, as well as for mine clearance work and further transportation of heavy gauge explosive substances, their gross weight being more than 250 kg, to the destruction site.

The KrAZ-5233BE-019 truck is equipped with hydraulic crane (maximum boom extending is 8.25 m) and special equipment, in particular with Husqvarna 950K Active gasoline blow torch, Husqvarna 575 XP chain saw, GBH 11 DE BOSCH electric drill press, KGE 6500E electric station, radio station and GPS-navigator.

At the beginning of October AvtoKrAZ Holding Company took part in the Defense technology International Exhibition. The exhibited KrAZ trucks won primary prizes in the Ukrainian MES contest on best production for protection of civilians and territories from man-caused and natural emergency situations.

Mon, 19 Nov 07
Fire Scout MQ-8B Vertical Take-Off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle
The MQ-8B Class IV UAV, developed by Northrop Grumman, is based on the highly successful RQ-8A Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) system developed for the US Navy, which is currently in test and evaluation having successfully completed over 245 test flights since May 2002.

"Smart bombs, missiles or projectile weapons are possible candidates for the Fire Scout."

The US Army selected the MQ-8B in August 2003 for the US Army's Class IV UAV, which is part of the US Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) programme. The system provides the Army with real-time imagery, data collection and dissemination at brigade level.

The MQ-8B was also ordered by the US Navy in 2005 and 2007. The Army and Navy are exercising a joint acquisition strategy of the MQ-8B to maximise commonality between the two services.

The US Army SDD (System Development and Demonstration) contract for the production of seven air vehicles was awarded in January 2004. The first flight of the MQ-8B was in December 2006, at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. MQ-8B entered Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) in May 2007.

The air vehicle has an endurance of more than seven hours, meaning that the Army's FCS Class IV unmanned air vehicle system, consisting of four Fire Scout air vehicles, has the capacity for continuous operation. The on-board sensor suite and laser rangefinder and designator allow the Fire Scout to quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify, track and designate targets and carry out battle damage assessment.


The Fire Scout design work is carried out at Northrop Grumman's Unmanned Systems Development Center in San Diego. The assembly is carried out at the Northrop Grumman Center at Moss Point in Mississippi.

The air vehicle airframe is supplied by Schweizer and is based on the Schweizer 333 manned helicopter modified with an aerodynamically streamlined fuselage. The rotor blade diameter is 8.4m and the rotor blades are folded for storage and transportation. The vehicle length with folded rotors is 7m.

"The US Army selected the MQ-8B Fire Scout in August 2003 for the US Army's Class IV UAV."

The air vehicle is powered by a Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20W engine, developing 313kW.


Modular mission packages include an Electro-Optical Infrared (EO-IR) sensor, a Tactical Synthetic Aperture Radar / Moving Target Indicator (TSAR / MTI), a communications relay package, a training sensor, mine, chemical and radiological detection and an RF emissions locator.

The US Army Fire Scout is also equipped with the Northrop Grumman Airborne Surveillance and Target Acquisition Minefield Detection System (ASTAMIDS). The ASTAMIDS applications include day and night Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA), in addition to minefield detection.

ASTAMIDS carries multi-sensor electro-optical infrared and multi-spectral imaging systems to detect patterned surface emplaced mines, patterned recently buried mines, and randomly scattered mines. The sensors detect obstacles, combat vehicles, combat targets and camouflaged targets. ASTAMIDS uses quad-prism aperture splitters, an illuminator and target designator and rangefinder.

The Fire Scout with joint Tactical Radio Systems (TRS) and the US Army's Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) tactical telecommunications system components can operate as a communications node.


Smart bombs, missiles or projectile weapons are possible candidates for the Fire Scout.

The MQ-8B will be capable of deploying Hellfire laser-guided missiles or two packs of four 70mm (2.75in) Hydra rockets or advanced precision kill weapon system laser-guided rockets or two Northrop Grumman Viper Strike precision munitions. Viper Strike has Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance and a semi-active laser seeker.


The MQ-8B Fire Scout has a significantly increased capability compared to the first generation RQ-8A. A fourth rotor blade has been added.

"The MQ-8BFire Scout will be capable of deploying Hellfire laser-guided missiles."

The added rotor blade and other enhancements, including an upgraded gearbox, provide a greater payload capacity up to 272kg (600lb). The MQ-8B fuselage is fitted with side-mounted sponsons for carrying pods or weapons.

The MQ-8B has a larger fuel capacity than the RQ-8A and carrying a standard payload can stay on station for up to six hours at a distance of 110 miles from launch.


The air vehicle is fitted with 1.75m skids. Fire Scout uses a conventional autonomous launch and recovery and can operate from unprepared sites close to battlefield command posts and operations centres.

Thu, 15 Nov 07
Tamor to Produce Space-Optimized Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fuel Tank for Military Vehicles
One of the many problems facing military personnel relating to tactical vehicle deployments overseas is the effective range of a military vehicle as dictated by its fuel capacity - due to the fact that logistic support is sparse during overseas operations, the vehicle's tactical reach is of paramount importance.

During both peace- and wartime, the vehicle must be fit for use at any time. Reliability is, therefore, vital. Studies and experience equally show that vehicles that are five or more years old do not perform like they should. A tiny piece of rust in the fuel or airbrake system can halt the vehicle in its tracks, which could prove fatal for its crew during tactical operations.

As well as affording the requisite levels of protection, aluminium or stainless steel is reliable and does not corrode; providing a crucial advantage over other materials. Furthermore, the lack of corrosion results in less service and maintenance requirements and, therefore, lowers lifetime costs. This has forced owners of military tanks or special purpose vehicles to substitute steel fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and air pressure vessels with aluminum ones.

Tamor is proposing to design and manufacture a customized aluminum or stainless steel fuel tank for tracked or wheeled armoured vehicles, ranging from older versions to newer concept designs. This will allow the vehicle to extend its range of activity and thus increase the vehicles tactical reach.


Military vehicles require reliable, mobile, flexible and lightweight solutions, combined with low through-life operating costs. Aluminum is a reliable, lightweight material for flexible use. Tamor is proposing an aluminum fuel tank project to be applied in various Military vehicles upgrades programs or new build designs.

The project goal is the redesign of integrated fuel tanks in order to maximize the limited internal space of a military vehicle. Tamor's expertise in developing and manufacturing fuel tanks of asymmetric design ensures that the final product will be the best possible solution in terms of fuel capacity and space usage.

In cases where the customer wishes to maximize the volume of the fuel tank or tanks (usually the room around the engine and the transmissions), the result is irregular shapes that are more expensive to produce and solutions of connecting two or more tanks ensuring steady flow of fuel. Tamor have already implemented this for the Israeli Merkava tank.


Tamor was founded on June 15, 1988. From the outset, the company specialized in the production of rubber and rubber bonded metal products for military tracked vehicles - principally track shoes and road wheels. In 1996 TAMOR added to its line of products with more items for armored vehicles, such as stainless steel fuel tanks and water storage tanks for MBT, full suspension assemblies, electric battery cases, and outside covers designed primarily for the Merkava tank.

Tamor decided to produce more rubber bonded metal parts for military purposes and subsequently started to supply shear mounts for the US Army's M-1 engine and vibration dampening pads for US Navy submarines on top of the classic items currently supplied.

In terms of non-military applications, the company sells mainly to the car- industry and develops technical items for industrial applications such as membranes, shear mounts, forklifts wheels, and pads and tracks for paving machines.

Wed, 14 Nov 07
Rajant Corporation's Breadcrumb System Selected by Rio Tinto Mine to Increase Efficiency and Production
Rajant Corporation, a leading provider of portable, reliable, and adaptable wireless networking solutions, announced today that its BreadCrumb® wireless mesh system has been selected by the Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation (KUCC) wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto as its primary communications platform for operations within the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, the world's largest open-pit copper mine. The Rajant BreadCrumb system will enable KUCC to gain additional operational efficiencies by tracking, monitoring and managing its copper mining operations.

"Enabling Kennecott to streamline its complex mining operations was the primary goal of using the Rajant BreadCrumb wireless mesh system," said Gary Anderson, Senior Vice President of Mining for Rajant. "We knew they required a high number of moving wireless nodes for improving mine monitoring and control. The Rajant InstaMesh® software running on the wireless BreadCrumb units connects hundreds of devices to each other while rapidly transporting critical operational data."

Kennecott has successfully implemented a large number of Rajant BreadCrumb systems in an interconnected network that allows loader trucks, shovels, pumps, laptops and other production equipment to communicate with each other in real-time. These systems are a mix of secure access nodes that enable data and voice communications across a meshed, self-healing network for fleet dispatch, health monitoring and other critical mining applications. Many of the devices that require wireless communications are moving at all times throughout the wireless mining infrastructure. The BreadCrumb nodes rapidly adapt to any changes in the network topology, assuring that IP traffic uptime and bandwidth are maximized.

"Rajant is very proud to be part of Kennecott, the world's largest open pit copper mine. KUCC is a great customer and we look forward to continuing to help them as well as other mines in the industry increase operational efficiencies with our BreadCrumb solution," said Bob Schena, CEO of Rajant Corporation.

Wed, 14 Nov 07
Responding to Customer Demands - MilsCourier
The new solution of mils electronic. MilsCourier offers encrypted file exchange via any transmission service. Strong encryption through the unbreakable One Time Key method or proprietary and customizable block cipher algorithms (256 Bit) is also provided by MilsCourier.

Imagine an organization that operates various offices in remote locations, or one that needs to exchange data with people traveling from one place to another. This organization places a great deal of importance on confidentiality. Regardless of which way the data is transmitted, it must remain secure from third parties.

Additionally, such organizations do not want to be limited by the type of transmission but instead continue using their existing HF-radio links, their FTP solutions and even their web mail accounts. What's more, the solution might need to be employed by inexperienced users, some of whom may not even belong to the customer's organization. Ease of use is therefore an important requirement.


Following in-depth discussions and a joint specification process with our customers, a new product - the MilsCourier - has been developed and released.

The MilsCourier is a Windows application that combines extremely user-friendly operation with bullet-proof security and unmatched flexibility in terms of communication.

Bullet-proof Security?

Yes! Whatever degree of confidentiality your information requires, the MilsCourier is able to provide it. The MilsCard, the cryptographic heart of the MilsCourier, encapsulates the cryptographic environment and protects all sensitive elements in the MilsCourier. The tamper-proof design of the MilsCard ensures any unauthorized attempts to access your private information are thwarted.

Confidentiality can be guaranteed thanks to file encryption using either the unbreakable one time key encryption method or applying the proprietary Mils Block Cipher (MBC) algorithm. This algorithm can also be customized to become your own national algorithm.

Communication Flexibility?

That's right! The MilsCourier offers true independence from the way you transfer your private information. No matter whether you want to employ your HF-radio installations, FTP solutions or web mail accounts, the MilsCourier lets you deliver information from originator to recipient - highly classified and top secure.


Security is definitely not the MilsCourier's only highlight, however. Ease of operation and a clear user interface were also at the top of the development targets list. As a result, the MilsCourier offers a truly flexible system. You decide whether you want quick file encryption using the context menu of Windows Explorer or if you want to employ the MilsCourier application, which then guides you through the encryption and sending process. The following three-step guideline for the MilsCourier guarantees error-free operation - even for inexperienced users:

Select the files or folders you want to encrypt - you can pick files from various locations Select the recipients, who should be able to decrypt the file - the address book is provided automatically by the MilsCard Select the transmission path that should be used to forward the file.

After having completed these steps, the MilsCourier compresses the selected files into one package, which is then encrypted. The resulting encrypted file can either be automatically forwarded by an existing e-mail client (via MAPI) or stored to a file location from where it can be processed by any other transmission service.

We would very much like to hear your opinion on our new solution and its possible application in your organization. Do not hesitate to request special modifications so that we may tailor the product to suit the exact needs of your working environment.

Wed, 14 Nov 07
C4I Releases New Radio Interface Unit.
C4i, a world leader in mission critical intelligent command and control, communication solutions for defense, public safety and homeland security markets is pleased to announce the availability of the full featured Radio Interface Unit (RIU).

The radio interface unit is a small, ruggedized device which enables connection of up to four radios to an IP network. Serial data, audio, COR and PTT for each interface are transported using VOIP technology, making the RIU an ideal appliance for applications requiring a number of radios (or other audio devices) to be linked across a LAN or wide area network.

The serial ports can be used for data communications or remote control and are easily configurable between RS-232, 422 and 485 and for data rates up to 115kbps. The RIU will operate from Power over Ethernet, (PoE), eliminating the need for power cables and AC adapters. Alternatively, it can be powered by DC or through an AC adapter.

A key feature of the C4i RIU is the web browser configuration interface, which allows parameters including network settings, codecs, audio gain, Vox, QoS, and data interfaces to be easily modified from any computer with network access. The RIU's rugged, dustproof and splashproof metal housing makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Since the RIU uses open standard protocols it can be used for a wide range of applications including range extension and radio repeater; radio remote control and integration of radios and intercom systems. The RIU also forms a key part of command and control and dispatch voice communication solutions using C4i's Switchplus® products. Other solutions, such as those driven by WAVE™ software from Twisted Pair Solutions, can also be easily integrated using the RIU. "We have received positive feedback from all users that we have demonstrated the RIU to. They have been impressed with the ease of configuration, superior audio quality and the compact size," explains Brad Kay, President of C4i's US business unit. "Applications include radio relay over satellite or WAN, interconnection of intercom and radio systems for customers with multiple sites and WAN connections, connection of 4-wire devices into IP Hoot and Holler networks, and mobile command posts. The RIU fills a need that has not been met by other products for defense, homeland security, public safety and transportation markets."

In the near future C4i will be releasing a version of the RIU with an embedded PC, providing significant capability enhancements. In addition, a 12 channel, rackmount unit can also be provided for users with larger numbers of radios.

The RIU is available for sale to end users and re-sellers as a stand alone network appliance, or as part of a complete voice communications solution. C4i also provides system design and consulting services, systems integration, installation and follow-on support. Radio remote control and voice access software, switching hardware, racking and interface cables can also be provided. About C4i.


For nearly 20 years, C4i has specialized in delivering standard-setting communication solutions for mission-critical military and government customers around the globe. C4i is based in Melbourne, Australia and Reston, Virginia, USA, and is one of the publicly traded LongReach Group family of companies. A company with a global reach, C4i has the heritage, the knowledge, the commitment and the experience to adapt revolutionary solutions to your critical mission needs.

Tue, 13 Nov 07
The Perfect Solution to Every Problem
It is often not possible to make use of standard solutions, especially in the area of armoured vehicles. A highly specialised set of requirements usually demands individual solutions that are specially tailored to them. The demands placed on mobility, protection, engine performance, transportability and user-friendliness often go hand in hand with problems of available installation space and high demands on strength and durability. Plenty of experience and comprehensive expertise are needed to meet all of these requirements.


The ideal solution can only be created through the perfect interaction of material knowledge, development expertise, process experience and the corresponding realisation of these in production. SAG Alutech, a company of the SAG Motion Group, is a specialist in the development of special solutions primarily based on the material of aluminium, as well as in the forming and welding of aluminium. SAG Alutech benefits in particular from the extensive knowledge and experience of its own development department as well as from its own production department, which is set up to deal especially with the production of special solutions. The company works closely with customers to find the perfect solution for the problem at hand. EXPERIENCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE

SAG Alutech has already put its significant experience in the area of special solutions to the test in a wide range of industries. In addition to products for the commercial vehicle and automotive industry and defence technology sector, SAG Alutech also manufactures special solutions for fire service vehicles, snow groomer and other special vehicles. The range of products is extensive, and includes fuel, combination and hydraulic tanks, tanks with integrated steps, special tanks optimised to fit the available installation space, compressed air containers, seat structures and special welding modules. As many commercial vehicle and car manufacturers are amongst SAG Alutech's customers, the very best in quality standards and professional completion is a matter of course.


SAG Alutech is a company of the SAG Motion Group division and is the specialist in the area of welded containers and special constructions. SAG Alutech develops and produces fuel and oil tanks, compressed air tanks and air cells, tool boxes and special constructions. In the SAG Motion Group division, the know-how of Alutech was bundled together with Alutech Nederland B.V., Fueltech Sweden AB, SAG FRANCE SAS, Alutech Slovakia sro as well as the Euromotive and the Thixalloy® Components. The SAG Motion Group produces high-tech components for the automobile, aerospace, utility vehicle, motor cycle and railway vehicle industries and also crash management and pedestrian protection systems, seat structures, window systems for utility and railway vehicles and much more. The focus here is on aluminium components. In 2006, the SAG Motion Group had close to 1000 employees and a turnover of &uro;170 million. For the year 2007, the aim is to reach a target of &uro;200 million.

Mon, 12 Nov 07
African Head of State in Winnenden ‐ President Armando Emílio Guebuza of Mozambique Visits Kärcher
Mozambican President Armando Emilio Guebuza, accompanied by a high-ranking delegation including five ministers and the Mozambican ambassador, visited Kaercher in Winnenden. During his state visit to Germany, the President took the opportunity to find out about innovative cleaning technology and mobile catering systems.

President Guebuza was given a brief overview of Kaercher's entire range of cleaning technology for professional users and consumers. The company's subsidiary Kaercher Futuretech GmbH demonstrated various drinking water treatment systems and the MFK 2/96 mobile catering system. The schedule further included an inspection of the world's most modern test track for sweepers and scrubber driers, and a short talk on research and development. "As a highly innovative, family-owned company with subsidiaries worldwide, we can provide effective solutions for Mozambique, especially in the field of drinking water supply," said Hartmut Jenner, chairman of the board of Alfred Kaercher. "A Kaercher plant enables you to produce up to 240,000 litres of purest drinking water from wells, springs, ponds, streams or other surface water, even in isolated regions."

Kaercher has 6,540 employees in 41 countries. The cleaning equipment specialist manufactures its appliances in Germany, Italy, the US, Brazil, Mexico and China. In the financial year 2006 Kärcher posted its highest-ever sales, &uro;1.254 billion, and sold 6.07 million appliances, more than ever before in the company's history.

Thu, 8 Nov 07
Uniteam Winglift ‐ Great Value for Money
With Uniteam Winglift you will be independent from handling equipment at your destination. You don't have to worry about unsuitable heavy equipment for aircraft handling, or that existing solutions are too complicated or expensive, because the Winglift will take care of your handling worries.

From Uniteam point of view, the Winglift is the only and most cost efficient handling equipment today. You can lift and move without a forklift. It is easy to transport with container on any carrier; air, road, rail or sea.

The Twist lock system ensures safe handling and use for only one man. A180o turn, move the container in all directions and make it easy to dock containers. The Winglift make it easy to tow the container without any vehicle at all and the driving device makes it possible to move and steer a loaded container by hand.

With a Uniteam Winglift you become independent of handling equipment at your destination; you can move containers where space is limited and it offer you a flexible and extremely cost efficient solution.

Our references:

Swedish Airforce - C130 Hercules Swedish Navy - MS Galo, Mine sweeping Norwegian Airforce - C 130 Hercules Ericsson Microwave System AB Swedish Rescue service Agency Italian Airforce Zeppelin Mobile Systeme

Wed, 7 Nov 07
New Partnership: E-Z-EM Inc and Kärcher Futuretech
E-Z-EM Inc., the manufacturer and license owner of RSDL™, is proud to announce that Kärcher Futuretech GmbH is their new exclusive distributor of RSDL (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion) in Germany. This partnership, which brings together E-Z-EM, a reputable pharmaceutical company and Kärcher Futuretech, a company with a long and successful history with the German Armed Forces, will greatly benefit the German military and first responder community.

Tim Henry, Vice President at E-Z-EM stated: "RSDL is a patented, broad spectrum skin decontamination product intended to remove or neutralize Chemical Warfare (CW) agents or T2 toxins from the skin. Originally developed for the Canadian Department of Defense, RSDL has since been adopted by several military forces around the world." Helmut Stelzmüller, Managing Director of Kärcher Futuretech GmbH stated: "Kärcher Futuretech is one of the world-leading companies in the field of CBRN-Defence. Because of their leading position the company is in close contact to the German Armed Forces. The German Armed Forces play a key role for the European market. Due to its world wide activities Kärcher Futuretech is always in contact with decision makers from the military field and first responders who are very open to innovations and improvements in the area of decontamination. Clients who are interested in skin decontamination are also searching for complete innovated and improved decontamination solutions. Positive synergies between E-Z-EM and Kärcher Futuretech are evident."


E-Z-EM is a publicly traded healthcare company founded in 1962, and has since established itself as one of the most recognized brands in diagnostic imaging of the GI tract. From the first barium contrast systems introduced over 40 years ago, to today's advanced products for CT imaging and virtual colonoscopy, E-Z-EM has continually developed innovative imaging and diagnostic solutions for physicians treating GI diseases. E-Z-EM is also a respected contract manufacturer of specialized liquid products, and has been the exclusive global manufacturer of RSDL since 1996. In April of 2005, E-Z-EM completed the acquisition of all assets associated with RSDL, and now is the product's exclusive worldwide marketer.

ABOUT KäRCHER FUTURETECH Alfred Kärcher was founded in 1935 and is today the world's leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment. The company employs more than 6,500 people and has more than 40 affiliates all over the world. The head office is located in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart.

Besides cleaning equipment Kärcher's subsidiary Kärcher Futuretech develops, manufactures, and markets products for the special needs of public customers, such as the armed forces, fire brigades, civil defence, disaster control and relief organisations. Kärcher Futuretech strives to be the world's top performer in the area of peacekeeping and disaster relief with highly mobile, customised and compact system solutions. Innovative state-of-the-art systems and a full product range make Kärcher Futuretech the world market leader in "professional systems for peacekeepers.

Thu, 1 Nov 07
Rajant Corporation Collaborates with Sydion to Provide Wireless Patient Tracking for Air Force and North Carolina State Medical Teams
Partnership Combines Rajant's Cutting Edge BreadCrumb® Portable Wireless Mesh Technology With Sydion's Mobile Crisis Management Suite® During The 2007 Wings Of Freedom Air Show At Pope Air Force Base

Rajant Corporation, a leading provider of portable, reliable, and adaptable wireless networking solutions, partnered with Sydion, LLC to provide a portable real-time wireless electronic patient tracking system for the 60th anniversary 'Wings of Freedom Air Show' at Pope Air Force Base. Located in Cumberland County, North Carolina Pope Air Force Base is the home of the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command 43d Airlift Wing and Headquarters, 23rd Fighter Group of Air Combat Command and the 373rd Training Squadron.

"We are excited to partner with Sydion, LLC to assist in mobile patient tracking," said Glenn Booth, Vice President of Marketing for Rajant. "The BreadCrumb® system is designed to include support for RFID-based solutions, particularly in medical and first response applications where quick deployment is required. Rajant's portable wireless systems can be deployed within minutes with a single switch and quickly adapt to mobile client devices or other BreadCrumbs(R) units on the move. With this partnership, we very much look forward to helping first responders become more efficient, help to reduce response time and potentially save lives."

After the temporary medical tent was erected by the North Carolina State Medical Assistance Team, Sydion provided eight roving Air Force Medic Teams with ruggedized wireless handheld computers (PDAs) connected to the Rajant network. These PDAs ran Sydion's Mobile Crisis Management Suite® application to capture medical and treatment information. This information gave a snapshot of current overall medical status, additional needed resources and whether further medical assistance was required. All information was transmitted over the Rajant BreadCrumb® network to Medical Command. During the air show, the agencies and medical command were able to view real-time information via Sydion's patient tracking Dashboard. At the close of the event, Medical Command generated final reports summarizing all collected information.

"We are thrilled to be working with Rajant," said Jared Johnson, Managing Director of Sydion, LLC. "We have been researching portable wireless systems that are mobile which can be quickly and easily deployed. We found the Rajant BreadCrumb devices to be a perfect fit for us to deploy our Mobile Crisis Management Suite. The BreadCrumb units are easy to configure, mobile, rugged and can deal with a changing medical response environment in real-time."


MCMS Sydion's electronic Mobile Crisis Management Suite enables you to remotely scan and track individuals or items in an MCI event or in everyday events. The system contains modules for tracking patients, people and inventory. Data is remotely collected via barcode scanners or magnetic stripe reader equipped handheld units that wirelessly transmit data and camera images to the Command Console server. All data is aggregated and stored in the remote database ready for real-time analysis and reporting.


Rajant enables secure communications-on-the-move through a portable meshed wireless network that can rapidly reconfigure and adapt in real-time. Rajant's BreadCrumb Wireless solutions provide networks for Mining, Homeland Security, U.S. Military, First Responders and Public Safety. BreadCrumb technology provides voice and data communications across a meshed, self-healing network that can communicate with IP based client devices such as laptops, PDAs, video cameras, satellite terminals, networked radios, RFID's and sensor devices.


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