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How Robocaptioning Breaks the Unwritten Agreements -
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Thu, 8 Dec 16
How Robocaptioning Breaks the Unwritten Agreements
Communication is a two-way street. It starts with the unwritten agreements, that communication is worthwhile, that it's important to us, that we will do whatever we can to communicate with clarity and transparency. Maybe you want to tell a story or impart significant information to someone who needs it. Maybe you're trying to sell someone something. If your audience or customer speaks English, chances are you're not going to bombard them with Greek if you can help it. If you and your audience don't submit to this simple agreement to speak the same language, the effects can be confusing, misleading and even deceptive. True as this is for spoken English, it's perhaps even more true for closed captioning services.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
Thoughts on Contextual Line Breaking
Closed captions are an essential part of video production. Whether the media that needs closed captioning is a web video, a documentary film, a training video for a business, or a television show, it's an unfinished product unless it has closed captions. Closed captions are more than a means for people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing to experience the video. They're also a way to make the video more accessible for people who don't speak English fluently, those in environments where hearing the audio isn't possible, and search engines crawling the Internet. High-quality closed captions increase the amount of information the viewer retains after watching the video. In many cases, closed captions are required by federal regulation.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
Short Video Clips - Future of Video Consumption
Vine and InstaVid by Instagram offer short video clips for consumer users to document their lives, their cat's lives and other funny life events. What is the commercial version of short videos? Read this article and you will learn what it is and where to get it!

Thu, 8 Dec 16
Making Your Own YouTube Channel
The procedure for building up your own particular YouTube channel takes only a couple of minutes. You'll then need to alter the channel by modifying a modest bunch of choices, transferring your photograph or logo, and connecting your channel with your other online long range informal communication accounts, as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To begin with, you have to make your free Google account.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
What You Need to Know About Scope Freak
One of the hottest trends in social media these days is live-streaming. There have been several sites and software featuring live-streaming services before, but they only gained much more attention upon the advent of mobile devices. Periscope leads the pack of mobile apps offering primarily live-streaming services.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
Video Codec/Container
Without any form of compression in video streaming, the network can't transmit the raw data. Also, due to large file sizes, storing data on limited capacity of disk drives is not possible. That's why we need to use compression, especially in video surveillance systems. Video compression removes redundant video data, so that the video file can be transmitted or stored effectively. Video content is encoded and decoded by using a video codec method, inside a container format, so the video quality is not degraded at the time of transferring over the network. We study the concept and some different types of video codecs and video containers along with their differences. Also, H.264 compression method is studied due to its popularity and efficiency in video surveillance. The reasons of transition to H.265 are described.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
Live Streaming: The Benefits You Have Not Even Thought About
The popularity of live streaming keeps increasing with every passing day. This is because more people start realizing the benefits this online technique can offer them today. Do you wish to find out more about live streaming as well? If so, then keep reading the article to find answers to all your questions.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
What Type of Live Streamer Are You?
Before jumping into the ocean of Live Streaming, there's a few things you should know. Find out the four basic types of fish in the ocean of live streaming and which one you are most like. Only then will you know what to consider before embarking on your own Live Stream journey.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
10 Helpful Tips to Select a Webcasting Company for Your Event
This article lists out the salient features of a webcasting company in the different parts. It is important to make sure that the right agency for the webcasting services is chosen.

Thu, 8 Dec 16
YouTube Red: Is It Worth Paying For?
Remember the good old days when everything on the Internet was available to everyone and everything was FREE!? Well, as we know, things have changed dramatically over the last few years and now we have to watch ads even on YouTube. And now YouTube turned the things around (or Google to be more exact) and created YouTube Red - the YouTube new option to remove all ads, if, of course, you pay for it. All Rights Reserved.